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The typical language-culture features of the Southern toponyms

1. The total number of the toponyms in South Vietnam includes 70,000 units. The main features:

2.1. The reality: The toponyms come from the names of political figures; the names of cultural

characters; the names of heroes and martyrs; the names of the folk characters; the names of

organizations, historical buildings; the names of the natural terrains.

2.2.The rustic features: Many toponyms derive from common nouns: the names of the intersections; the

names of the terrains; the names of the construction works; the names of the titles; the names of the


2.3. The standard deviation of phonetics and spelling due to the limitations of the Southern dialect: the

ellipsis of phrases / sentences into very unique places; many words with simple phonetics are still used

as toponyms; the names of many organizations and unions become toponyms; many toponyms come

from nonstandard etymology; the names of many organizations and unions become toponyms;

2.4. The back-ups are found in hundreds of ancient, historical and local words from the Southern


2.5. The simile features are expressed through the use of two measures metaphor and metonymy.

2.6. The acculturation is found in acquiring Khmer and French cultures and in the process of the

cohabitation of these two peoples.

3. Conclusion


Keywords: reality, rustic features, standard deviation, back-ups, simile, acculturation.

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