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Game Play in Modern Literary Discourse Theories

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     This paper surveys the evolution of the play concept in modern literary theories. The concept of play thus has no single definition and cannot be reduced to some accountable features. It should be seen as a subtle mechanism that lies in the operation of culture and in the construction and deconstruction the categories of epistemology by which the human mental spaces are established and undermined. The concept of play has shifted from its concentration on the performance of play subject in romanticism’s discourse to its emphasis on the deconstruction of the subject in postmodernism’s discourse, seeing subjects as merging within language which is already a play system. The ideas of the playful nature of literature has also been re-evaluated. In modern paradigm, the playful nature of art involves with its autonomy, its aestheticism, its foregrounding of art forms. However, in postmodern paradigm, this aspect of art cannot be separated with the politics of culture and cannot be outside of the struggle for cultural power. These awareness of the nature of literary play not only influences the literary critism but also affects the creative writings.

Keywords: literary theory, theories of play, the playful nature of literature, modernism, postmodernism.

Trần Ngọc Hiếu (Trường Đại học Sư phạm Hà Nội)

Source: Tạp chí Khoa học Đại học Văn Hiến, số 11 – tháng 5/2016, trang 34-43.

The represent Northorop Frye’s thought of language and literature in "Educated Imagination"


This article tends to represent Northorop Frye’s thought of language and literature in Educated Imagination. Using imagination as a core idea, Frye suggests the ability to connect art and science, especially in the process of education from elementary school to university. Being a series of speaking on radio originally, Educated Imagination offers answer for big questions as the nature of literature, possibility of structure society by language… On this foundation, the relationship between language and literature is applied into the mission of education, which puts forward many precious issues for renewing educating nowadays.

Keywords: Education, Imagination, language, literature, Northorop Frye

Issues realism in Le Dinh Ky’s periodical writings


Le Dinh Ky is a researcher who has a lot of contributions to scientific research literature of Vietnam. As for realism, he has approached the problem as a literary theorist, literary critic, and the literary historian. In certain areas, his researchs are also pioneered and get major attention to the experts, including the debate. However, despite the mixed opinions and certain restrictions, contribution of Le Dinh Ky in studying the issue of realism in particular as well as his prestige to the literary critic of Vietnam in general, is not undeniable.

Characteristics of modernism and research of modernism in Vietnam


Modernism in Vietnamese literature can be examine in three aspects: time, space and ideas. In the aspect of time, we can say that modernism appeared in the period of both chance and challenge for its confirmation and development. In the aspect of space, modernism appeared in the eventful atmosphere of many other modern literary tendencies. In the aspect of content, modernism was full of spirit of innovation. However, due to the objective conditions modernism did not become a movement. There were only modernist elements scattering in the works of some writers or poets.

Keywords: modernity, modernism, Vietnamese literature…

Essay, a genre of modern prose in Vietnamese and Chinese literature

Tran Van Minh – Bui Thuy Minh

 (Cantho University)



Essay originated from notes, but it gradually separated itself and became an independent genre. In the intermediate position between narratives and lyrics, essay has soft and flexible characteristics of the modern prose. In the essay, multiform emotional tones of the

The transvestite ventriloquism in the poem Spring rain by Nguyen Binh viewed from cultural poetics

Transvestite ventriloquism, wich reflected  characteristics of gender in Vietnamese culture, had appeared in Vietnamese poetry during the medieval era and achived new shade in the early twentieth  century. The poem poem Mua xuan (Spring Rain by Nguyen Binh viewed from the theory of cultural poetics, shows both traditional tranvestite ventriloquism and individual romanticism. 
Key words: Ventriloquism, gender in Vietnamese culture, poem Spring rain, romanticism. 

Pham Quynh’s concept of “novel” seen from the recognization of the literary genre in modern East Asian

Tran Hai Yen, PhD

(Institute of Literature, Hanoi, VN)



 Considered Vietnam’s first critic of modern literature, Pham Quynh had some publications on novel in order to encourage the new composing style, one of which being the monograph titled “Discussion on Novel”. His concept left great influence on contemporary writers, which was also due to his post as the editor-in-chef of Nam Phong from 1917 to 1934 continuously - where many “new-style” works were pubslished, including chronicles, stories and more.

Living in The Age of Globalization


Globalization is a process starting from the 16th century along with the development of capitalist economy. Over many centuries, the globalization nowadays is really taking place widely and deeply over the world with great challenges and opportunities. How has Vietnamese literature joined this process and what position can it take in present day and in the future are issues that will be discussed in this article.

Key words: Globalization, Vietnamese literature, global world, world literature, literary future

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